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  • Questions On How To Negotiate Salary
    by Andy Rasico - July 11, 2020
    Salary negotiations are one of the most intimidating parts of the job search process. Even those that are confident through every phase of interviewing can sometimes be stumped about how to approach salary discussions. How you approach salary negotiations, from the research you conduct beforehand to questions you address during the interview, will not only impact how much you earn but also how your employer perceives you wh...
  • How To Write A Strong Resume
    by Andy Rasico - June 23, 2020
    What elements make up a good resume? Try on this list: brevity, clarity, positivity, attractiveness-and truthfulness. Your resume is your calling card to hiring managers and human resource departments. Because it represents you, two things are paramount. First, make sure your resume truly represents what you have to offer. Get all the advice you can, but remember, in the end your work, qualities, and accomplishments g...
  • How To Get A Job With No Work Experience
    by Andy Rasico - May 24, 2020
    Maybe you're just about to graduate. Maybe you've been a parent and homemaker since you got married. Maybe you left school to care for a sick parent and now it's ten years later, and you're wondering how to start a career. Now you wonder, 'How can I convince someone to hire me when I've never had a real job?' We are so used to labeling one thing 'work' and another 'home' or 'school' that we forget how...
  • Companies Now Hiring Switch to Virtual Methods
    by Andy Rasico - March 26, 2020
    As the economic climate rapidly changes due to social distancing, gig economy and remote working influences, companies are seeking alternative virtual methods not just for hiring but also for onboarding. Right now leading indicators continue to demonstrate it is still an ideal time to look for a new job. So what can you expect under the new norm? Read More
  • The Influential Vortex: Do You Fall or Fly?
    by Andy Rasico - August 11, 2016
    Human beings are funny creatures. We each have a unique personality with certain characteristics and behaviors that guide our existence. Yet, even a tiny outside force can break us of our routine, causing us to act different than we normally do (whether we notice it or not). This can be a positive or negative thing, so it’s up to us to ensure we avoid the bad and take advantage of the good. This is the influential vo...
  • The 4 Kinds of Workers
    by Andy Rasico - July 13, 2016
    I once heard a speaker talk about the differing work ethics people have and it blew my mind. This experience led me to subtly develop my own classifications of workers in an effort to grow professionally. Something I’ll never forget from that speaker was the moment I learned I wasn’t a #1 type of worker (at the time!). He taped a hidden $100 bill to the bottom of a crushed soda can and set it down next to a g...
  • 4 Easy Steps To Set Up The Optimal Workspace
    by Andy Rasico - June 28, 2016
    Do you have a cluttered or un-kept desk? How can you focus if you have five different projects sprawled across your desk, a cup of coffee on the verge of causing a flood, and your keyboard tilted to the left on top of that lost pen? It doesn’t take a genius to realize how problematic this is when getting things done. What’s worse is sitting down hunched over a computer for eight hours a day. This can lead t...
  • Best Industries to Work In
    by Andy Rasico - September 1, 2010
    Whether you are a recent college graduate or someone who’s been in the workforce for several years, it’s always a good practice to stay abreast of the top industries. Although there is no definitive way to know what industries and jobs will be most available and most lucrative in a few years, projections are available everywhere, notably the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Using this and other tools to determi...